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Singl.eView billing

Singl.eView is a billing system for telecommunication domains. It handles 2 key areas: management of customers and their important data; management of financial operations and financial revenue.

Customer management

The system is configurable and adjustable according to the number of customers and can easily work for hundreds of thousands items.
Singl.eView is multilaterally convergent, e.g. it allows management of different types of customers in one system – tariff as well as pre-paid customers. The system supports creation of a customer hierarchy. It means that the customer structure is not flat and more phone numbers can be managed through one customer account. This part of the system also supports all payment types and their history. Read-outs are associated to the customer data together with billed items and service usage history.

Financial revenue management

The system is divided into two subsystems: convergent billing and the finance insurance system.
Convergent billing includes a billing module for service rate calculation, discount module and the invoice creation module. Even here, a remarkable system convergence can be seen because everything works independently on the service type used. Services are always handled according to one common template whether it be video calls, phone calls, SMS, multimedia services or data.
Billing can be executed either flexibly in real time or in batches. Benefits of real time billing are that it avoids mistakes and potential fraud. The system supports parallel execution of transactions, the level of parallelism can be set.
The system for finance insurance includes many reports regarding cash flow and risks, e.g. overall cash flow per billing period, number of active customers etc.

Singl.eView and Artin

Singl.eView billing is being used by many mobile phone operators including Group “3” or Hutchison 3G, a multinational group of mobile phone operators aimed at video calls and multimedia services. For the daughter company Hutchison 3G Austria, Artin in co-operation with Hewlett-Packard, realises long-term projects in the area of Singl.eView and Intermediate.

Singl.eView customisation

The system is entirely configurable because functional core is implemented except for specific configuration requested by actual operators. New services and tariffs can be configured without changing the core. The system can be dynamically adapted for new technologies and increments in the number of customers. Configuration is based on expression logic. New functions, scripts and configuration table settings can be implemented in running system.

Connected systems

For good performance, security and reliability, Singl.eView often works on multi-process systems based on UNIX. Configuration data and customer data are stored in a separated database.

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