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PeopleSoft CRM

PeopleSoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that helps companies to gather, process and utilize information about their customers.

PeopleSoft CRM system is under Oracle flag since 2005. It was originally developed by PeopleSoft, Inc. company. Initial version of this system had client-server architecture, but since version 8, PIA (see pic. below) web architecture is beeing used. It allows users to access applications through internet browser.

At this moment, PeopleSoft CRM is continually evolving, with version 9.1 beeing the newest one. By deployment of this system, company can benefit from following aids:

Business object management
Supports business object management (person, customer, employee, company), its roles and information about those objects.

Customer center application
Customer support services (trouble tickets), HelpDesk agents and HR interfaces.

Automatization and configuration
Correspondence management, tools for automatization (worklists), portal configurations (search pages, design).

Marketing applications
Management of campaings, offers and their target audience.

Mobile applications
View support for mobile devices.

Multichannel applications
Services such as “chat with the customer”, automated e-mail processing.

Order management applications
Sturdy system for order management.

Partner relationship management
Partners management, tools for modeling and communication.

Product management
Definition of products for customers and their hierarchy, overview of customer’s installed products, ordering of products into catalog

Service base
Portal package
Mentioned packages describe delivered functionality of PeopleSoft CRM. Every service is fully configurable through configuration sites on web portal.

If this functionality is not sufficient, it is possible to adjust it or add completely new elements. This is supported by PeopleCode platform, on which PeopleSoft CRM is implemented.

Tools for application development are called PeopleTools and include::

  • Application Designer
  • Data Mover
  • Configuration manager

Using Application designer, it is possible to access application source code, change it according to customer needs or add new functionality. Developer is also able to define and enter new portal objects.

Artin and PeopleSoft CRM

We gained experience with PeopleSoft CRM within development and maintenance of this system for our customer Hutchison 3G Austria. We change configuration and develop system according to actual requirements. For our work, we fully use not only possibilities of delivered instalations, but also tools for simple and extensive system customization.

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