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Oracle Coherence

Oracle Coherence is a data grid, that can be used to store, share and process data in grid of data nodes. It’s main characteristics are:

  • redundancy – data in grid are stored on more than one node, fall-out of one node doesn’t lead to loss of functionality or data
  • distribution – not only data are distributed over the grid, even the processing behind them is. It’s then possible to create application, that is very easily scalable to high performance
  • easy distribution – in case you want to increase performance or data space, another nodes on another servers can be easily added
  • robustness – grid has no sigle point of failure. In case of a fallure of server (one or more nodes) data are automatically reballanced over remaining servers and grid works as before. And vice versa, when nodes (servers) are added, data are automatically rebalanced over all servers.

We used Oracle Coherence data grid in product DARE3 for T-Mobile Czech Republic. DARE3 is data rating engine running in geographical cluster, processing few thousands of requests per second.

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