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Microsoft SharePoint

In Artin we have many years of experience with this platform and we are delivering SharePoint solutions and consulting services to many Czech and foreign clients.

SharePoint is a platform which offers better and more efficient cooperation between people and teams, sharing company’s information and documents, team calendars, task management and more.

Working with SharePoint provides many advantages over the sharing of data on network drives or e-mail communication. All data and documents are fully under your control, you can see the whole history of changes and of course you can manage access and privileges. All directly from the browser window.

Creation of the Intranet, creation of the team site or just a “place” for publication of an information is a matter of a few moments. The big advantage is quite easy to change the look according to your corporate style.

SharePoint offers a lot of functionalities that are available to users out of the box. We often meet the wishes of the minor or major modifications that with such a robust foundation are easily realizable. SharePoint can also be used as a basis for larger enterprise applications such as sales portals, project management tool, document centre, human resources, and many others – imagination has no limits.

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