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Interconnect (ICT) is a wholesale billing software created by CSG company and suitable for mobile and fixed network operators.

Interconnect is a rating application designed to price voice, messaging and data traffic sent from one telecommunications network operator to another. An operator running ICT can use the application to rate all traffic originating from, terminated by, or transiting their network. They can also use ICT to produce financial summaries for external financial systems that handle creating and reconciling invoices.

ICT generates the invoices for other network operators and other commercial organizations and is also used to check the incoming invoices from the business partners. It provides complete operational and financial control of the business‐to‐business interactions with other carriers and operators as well as content and service partners.

Typically, in a telecommunication system, a network switch records information about traffic that passes from one network operator to another. A Billing Mediation Device (BMD) then converts this information into Event Detail Records (EDRs). ICT can use these records from delivered files to price traffic and send a summary of the resulting charges to a financial system for invoicing and reconciliation. For these functions it offers variety of elements that can be set up, in ICT they are called reference data.

Reference Data refers to any data that ICT needs to calculate and validate rates. This includes data such as the Interconnect system owner (organisation group), network operators (NOPs), network addresses, paths, tiers, products, rating scenarios, rating components and rates information. Model (add and link) of reference data in the system should reflect business rules and determine the way data can be entered into the system. As a storage of reference data and processed EDRs servers SQL database, thanks to this various custom views, exports and solutions can be developed.

To operate ICT can be used following methods to add/edit reference data in the system:

  • Bulk load: To add or edit reference data for multiple data objects in a single bulk action using ICT’s Bulk Load feature. See Bulk loading data.
  • Manual capture: Dedicated reference data object windows enable you to add or edit individual reference data items as the need arises. See Manual Data Management.
  • XCopy: You can use the XCopy feature to create new agreements by copying the details of existing ones.

ARTIN company has many years of experience in telecommunications which also includes Billing Mediation Device (BMD) and Interconnect (ICT) as a wholesale billing system and we are always ready to help you in these areas.

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