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The Infinica platform is a Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform based on open standards with a focus on process-driven document and form creation and processing.

Infinica allows both mass creation in the dark and interactive rule-based document creation.

The interactive creation and editing of documents and forms is provided by the device-independent HTML5 interfaces without any plug-ins.

The W3C standard used to describe the documents is XSL-FO. XPath is used as query language and for the definition of rules. Our focus on these technologies guarantees the greatest possible supplier independence, as countless resources, examples and documentation are available on the Internet and in book form.

Infinica is very easy to integrate into existing IT architectures. The reason for this is a mature workflow engine using BPMN 2.0 notation. Furthermore, the process approach enables the flexible addressing of any output channels from printers, electronic archives, e-mail, SMS to social media such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. For the output channels, the most diverse output formats such as PDF, PDF/A, PostScript, AFP, Responsive E-Mails and many more are supported.

Infinica Platform Components


Template Designer

With the Infinica Template Designer you define templates, rules, style elements and much more. The graphical WYSIWYG tool scores with modern Drag & Drop functionality for quick and easy creation of templates. The Template Designer is based on the open W3C standard XSL-FO, which is fully implemented.


Process Designer

Create processes and workflows with the Infinica Process Designer: The graphical tool for process modeling uses BPMN 2.0 notation. In addition to the steps for pure document processing, you also configure the approval steps of a document, the uploading of attachments, the sending of e-mail messages and much more.


Process Engine

The processes and workflows modeled in the Process Designer are executed in the Process Engine. Designer and Engine are so tightly integrated that exactly those process activities are offered in the Designer that are installed in the Engine. Infinica provides all the activities typically required to collect, prepare, and convert data, apply templates, render and post process documents.



Infinica text modules, templates, processes and all other resources are stored in the repository with controlled access and versioning. Access to the central file repository is via WebDAV. The Infinica Resource Explorer and any WebDAV clients can be used as client frontends



Infinica Composer is an editor for interactive creation and editing of documents and forms. Depending on their permissions, employees can insert, edit and delete texts or text blocks, fill form fields, use selection lists and much more. The granularly controllable authorizations ensure compliance with corporate design and compliance requirements.



The workflow interface allows you to start CCM workflows and processes, view your task list and process your tasks. The process steps are controlled by the set of rules defined in the Process Designer. This allows you to control exactly which users and roles, which processes may be started and which tasks they may perform (including substitute rules, etc.).



Infinica Compare allows you to perform automated comparisons of your documents on a PDF basis. In these regression tests, the generated PDF files are compared with reference documents and differences are immediately visible. The result is an HTML page with an overview and all the details of your comparisons. The differences are displayed both as text and graphically.

Artin and Infinica

We are cooperating with Infinica on various CCM solutions for our clients in Austria (Hutchison Drei) and Czech Republic (Generali).

Artin is an official partner of Infinica and integration partner for Infinica solutions.

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