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HP Sitescope

HP SiteScope application is a solution for IT infrastructure availability and performance monitor, e.g. network components, operating systems, applications or single services. This application is configured and managed through web interface, no special application are needed. There’s also no need to install agents on monitored systems.

SiteScope contains over 90 types of monitors, that are able to monitor availability, response time or usage of many types of devices or applications. Single monitors can be grouped. Alerts for situations when limit values are reached can be defined: send email message, SNMP trap or start a script.

SiteScope application can create reports as well. Reports can be created over selected monitors or groups of monitors. There is possibility to create automatically periodical reports or create ad-hoc reports for selected monitors and time period. Reports are in form of HTML files including graphs and tables, displaying minimum and maximum of observed values, or XML files suitable for machine processing.

Other powerfull tool is monitor template, that allows fast and efficient creation of new monitors or mass change in actual monitors. Thanks to template usage it is possible to monitor large networks and manage monitor settings in consistent state.

Special application version, called SiteScope Failover, allows automatic switch to backup server with SiteScope application running in case of main server drop out.

HP SiteScope can be installed on operating systems RedHat Linux, Solaris or Windows. It can be used for monitor of large systems, where tens of thousands of monitors are defined.

Integration with other applications

SiteScope can be integrated with following applications:

HP Business Service Management
SiteScope can be used as data provider for BSM, where detailed reports and analysis can be created.

HP Diagnostics
Data from SiteScope sent to HP Diagnostic allow creation of comprehensive reports and graphs over application servers monitored by this tool

HP Operations Manager
By sending of data from SiteScope to HPOM, detailed overview of IT infrastructure status can be obtained

General integration
SiteScope can send data to all applications, that are able to process XML files. Those files contain detailed data about status of selected monitors, or their groups, and informations about each measurement.

Our experience

ARTIN took a part in implementation of smart grids solution for CEZ company, where application SiteScope was used. We’ve got experience with application instalation, creation of monitors and templates, user alerts generation and creation of different reports. We are able to deliver complete solution build on HP SiteScope application, from request analysis, through implementation and testing, to deployment in customer environment and training of his employees.

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