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AIRee system is a powerful rating system (up to 20 thousand rating events per second) with an open product catalogue. This solution is suitable for situations, where high throughput, low response time, predictable scalability, continuous data availability and data reliability is needed.

This speed is achieved by the usage of application architecture optimised for speed and Oracle Coherence instead of classical database. Oracle Coherence is a leading distributed in-memory data grid solution that offers distributed management and cache services as well as a reliable, highly scalable peer-to-peer clustering protocol. Data is stored in a cluster and evenly distributed on connected servers. In the event of server fallout, data is evenly redistributed to another server without data loss. After server restart, data is redistributed to achieve a balanced state. Coherence contains tools for fault tolerance on a network-level and transparent soft-restart for server self-heal.

Data in Coherence are stored as Java objects, each having its own key. Because ORM is not needed, both data operations, read and write, are much faster.

Solution characteristics:

  • high throughput (3.000 – 20.000 requests per second)
  • highly scalable solution (new servers can be added for higher throughput)
  • reliability (one server fall-out won’t inflict system failure)

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