Infinica Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet The Infinica platform is a Customer Communication Management (CCM) platform based on open standards with a focus on process-driven document and form creation and processing. Infinica allows both mass creation in the dark and interactive rule-based document creation. The interactive creation and editing of documents and forms is provided by the [...] Interconnect Product competencies Interconnect Interconnect (ICT) is a wholesale billing software created by CSG company and suitable for mobile and fixed network operators. Interconnect is a rating application designed to price voice, messaging and data traffic sent from one telecommunications network operator to another. An operator running ICT can use the application to rate all traffic [...] Microsoft SharePoint Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet In Artin we have many years of experience with this platform and we are delivering SharePoint solutions and consulting services to many Czech and foreign clients. SharePoint is a platform which offers better and more efficient cooperation between people and teams, sharing company’s information and documents, team calendars, task management and [...] DonRiver Fusion Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet DonRiver is Technology Company providing products and services for CSP. DonRiver’s OSS Federation platform allows CSPs the ability to federate data from multiple OSS systems and present it in a single user interface. The platform is extremely flexible and supports leading vendors in OSS. In addition, our modular architecture allows us [...] Singl.eView billing Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet Singl.eView is a billing system for telecommunication domains. It handles 2 key areas: management of customers and their important data; management of financial operations and financial revenue. Customer management The system is configurable and adjustable according to the number of customers and can easily work for hundreds of thousands items. Singl.eView [...] Tee-pee Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet Our product Tee-pee helps a wide range of associations and non-profit organisations of various sizes to manage their membership base in one simple system. Tee-Pee will be especially appreciated by organisations that: provide services primarily to their members, have organisational units at several levels (local, regional and national) and need to [...] AIREE Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet AIRee system is a powerful rating system (up to 20 thousand rating events per second) with an open product catalogue. This solution is suitable for situations, where high throughput, low response time, predictable scalability, continuous data availability and data reliability is needed. This speed is achieved by the usage of application architecture [...] PeopleSoft CRM Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet PeopleSoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a system that helps companies to gather, process and utilize information about their customers. PeopleSoft CRM system is under Oracle flag since 2005. It was originally developed by PeopleSoft, Inc. company. Initial version of this system had client-server architecture, but since version 8, PIA (see [...] Quadient Inspire Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet Quadient® combines the capabilities of three Neopost sister companies, GMC Software, Human Inference and Satori Software into one technology portfolio of solutions designed to improve customer experience by improving the customer journey across print, digital and social channels. ARTIN is certified Integrator of Quadient with strong experience in INSPIRE Platform. We [...] CSG Intermediate mediation Produktové kompetence Portal Infranet CSG Intermediate is a convergent mediation system originally made by Intec, development continues under CSG International company. Mediation is a component of telco IT infrastructure for collecting, processing, and distributing data files from a source to destination systems. ARTIN has implemented CSG Intermediate delivery for Austrian and Czech telco providers. We [...]